Saturday, September 09, 2006

Campin' Out in Goleta

So the move is about 75% done. We are still waiting for our stuff, which creates a sort of limbo state. I find it difficult to do ANYTHING without a desk, let alone a basic surface. That said, I'm eager to get back to blogging. I wasn't feeling it for awhile...everything felt like blah blah blah...but I think fall will bring some renewed energy to the activity. Not that I will be saying anything of great import (those of you who are at all familiar with the content of this blog know this). And I don't plan to make any fancy changes. There may be fewer celebrities, but the focus on fluffy commerce and entertainment will remain. So there.

Also, the lack of stuff is making me want to buy stuff. If you're interested in the things I want you can check out my newest totally pointless blog: fluffy ways to spend dollars.

1 comment:

Elka said...

glad to see you're blogging again! come and visit lil ol me!