Friday, July 28, 2006

My Pandora

with music

and without

I love my dog. You probably knew that.


tobishka said...

When we played this, Gus started looking around for you, FF... (Your voice kind of sounds creepy at times on this clip, like a too-nice governess at an orphanage-- but it's mostly the sound of the video i think and it's the longest i've ever heard you do the 'high pet voice'.)

btw, have you seen the creepy puppet girl? i'll post it on my blog fer ya...

the sad billionaire said...

I'm gonnaa repost this with different audio. FF

PAOLO CRUZ said...

Hi there. Veteran Fluffy Dollars reader, first-time commenter. I just NEED to know what music is playing over the first clip. So catchy.

Thanx x 1 000 000!

femme feral said...

hey c of g! The song is by Annie:

xoxoxo ff