Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Annoying Boy of the Week: Tyler from Real World Key West

I hate Tyler. It almost seems pointless to even write about him because I find it difficult to believe that anyone actually watches this show. I mean, it's really really boring. While I'll admit that the "content-less-ness" of LB and The Hills is freaking brilliant (the fantasy is constructed by a meticulous collaging of scenery and expressions; I swear, each show has six words or less, and most of those are in the voice overs), whatever is or isn't happening on the real world is so generic and so predictable and so without any sort of style that I think you'd have a hard time getting a pair of shoes or box of tissues to watch this show, let alone any sentient being. But I digress...Tyler.

Tyler is the biggest prick I've seen on TV in awhile. He could give those entourage boys a run for their money, and he isn't even playing a character -- he's just playing himself. He's bitchy, manipulative, and mean as nails. He tortures he roommates for fun, and he especially loves to torture Svetlana (who, btw, is the only cast member who is even remotely interesting and is only 19. Tyler is a prissy 23 y.o. graduate of Tufts.). In the last episode I saw, Tyler compared Svetlana to a puppy who "needs to be that's what I did...I punished her." Yuck. He keeps a log of all the "stupid things" that Svetlana has said (I would counter that Svetlana says totally awesome stuff like "is the Everglades a mall?" and "my cat can say 'hello, Svetlana'"). When Svetlana finds the book, it make her cry, and prompts her to call her mom. At this point, Tyler has done enough grisly stuff to Svetlana to make any mama mad. So of course S's mom tries to comfort Svet by telling her to ignore the behavior of these "low lifes." Tyler, who of course cannot resist eavesdropping, overhears S's mama say this, and cannot resist jumping in. Next thing you know, he's yelling over S.'s shoulder into the phone. Yup, he's yelling at HER MOTHER. WHAT. THE. FUCK???? He then writes S a nasty note -- in which he calls her a "low-life" bitch -- and tapes it to her door. What a nasty freak.

Anyway, you get the idea. I can't really write anymore because I'm starting to feel sick. I'll just note that it's sad that Tyler seems so eager to play into the stereotype of the "mean gay guy." Get a life already.

also, the mtv website is really annoying.

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