Friday, June 20, 2008

My New Favorite Show

There have been like 5 million things I've wanted to post about since I last blogged over here at Fluffy D. But I've been too mercurial or lazy to actually get to any of them...until now. This because I cannot contain my excitement about America's Best Dance Crew.

Remember when Project Runway first started? And it was like, omg! it is so fun to watch people be creative? Well ABDC reminds me of that. Some of these kids are so creative it is sick. And the judges, especially Lil' Mama, are hilarious.

This show makes me really really happy. The only drawback is that I am starting to like really cheesy music (ie "Apologize" by One Republic feat Timbaland). Once I saw the Jabbawokeez dance to that shit, I was hooked.

My faves so far: supercrew,
fanny pack
and asiid

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porkmuffin said...

OMG this is AMAZING! can't believe i've never seen it!