Friday, August 25, 2006


Hello, Campers. What a funny month it has been for the Fluffy $$$s crew. Austin to Bmore to OC to Tdot to NYC to LAX to Santa B. Whew. Our travels have been laced with many observations re: summer commerce and the world o' fluff. Did you read the Lilo interview in ELLE?? Nuts. What's your take on the new totally fug fall fashions? What about Alison getting kicked off Project Runway? Do you believe the rumors that HK was jealous? And did you see the new episodes of Laguna Beach. Those are some nasty biotches. I'll def have to make a longer post about that. The good news is that we got the second season of Veronica Mars on DVD. That show is so rad.

Anyway, here are a few chuckle-worthy pics from the Macy's display windows in downtown Santa B.

Aspiring Poet (note the glasses):

Aspiring Indie Film Makers:

And how has your summer been?


elizalou said...

I'm definitely pissed off about Allison getting aufed on Project Runway. Most everyone else simply makes me yawn. I'm convinced that when it comes down to the bottom two each week the only thing taken into account is which contestant is "better tv". Boo.

Welcome back!

zp said...

how's my summer? glad you asked.

because i recently spent a week watching cable TV and sorting and organizing 6 years worth of a friends' fashion mags.

(1) so had the chance to read the lohan interview in elle and i'm like the girls at go fug yourself, i have an undying affection for her, but she came across pretty unpleasant. although i think the whiny old interviewer made too much of the rescheduling thing. doesn't that happen all the time? it does to me and i'm not the least bit famous.

(2) so i also got to see the two epis of project runway prior to allison's absence and then that episode as well. allison's white thing wasn't perfect, but it was creative and kind of beautiful and we know it wouldn't have flattered klum because we saw her looking like the abominable snow maiden on that other show. klum is my least favorite part of the show; i'm sort of frustrated that the show tries to do those "dramatic" elimination scenes and klum can't manage the tone at all. it should be more tough-love chatty or something. let the kids express their disappointment if you want emotional drama.

did i say kids? i meant the hags, as the case may be, with ms. sternum who designs only tepid v-necks.

but i love the show. the contestants are actually kind of creative and you get watch them actually do something difficult.

good thing i don't have TV at home. good thing i only get the one magazine. sorry to go on so . . .

J.D. Smith said...

Thank you for showing the "Aspiring [fill in the blank]" posters.

I was getting a big laugh out of those at the Hecht's (about to be Macy's) in downtown DC.

I haven't been able to find the "Aspiring Poet" poster online, but if you happen to see a link I would love to know.